If you are interested in homeschooling,
please look at the information below,
or call the church office at

(951) 245-5664
to make an appointment and get started.



1.) California is actually a pretty homeschool friendly state!
2.) You MUST formally withdraw from your current school. Do not just stop sending your child to school.
3.) A PSP is a Private School Satellite Program. This means you have joined a private school with no campus, and you are the teacher. CA does allow parents to file their own affidavit, but you might prefer the umbrella of protection and accountability of belonging to a private school. A PSP is not a charter school and families do not receive any funds for curriculum purchasing.
4.) Homeschooling does not have to be expensive. The cost for joining the PSP we recommend is very minor. They keep track of your paperwork: yearly attendance, quarterly grades, course of study, report cards and transcripts. This PSP requires parents to use Christian world view curriculum, this PSP is always available to answer questions and help families get started.
5.) We recommend the PSP Grace Christian School of Temecula Valley. Your first step is to email the Administrator and Registrar, Debbie Franzen, at dfranzen.gracepsp@gmail.com  . There is a yearly registration fee, and tuition is $25/month per family. She will help you legally withdraw your child from their current school and send you the link to the Grace Christian School handbook that will answer all your questions.
6.) Legal representation is required and has a yearly fee (estimate $80/yr per family). Contact Home School Legal Defense Association: www.hslda.org. Grace PSP has a discount code for HSLDA.
7.) Curriculum doesn’t have to be expensive! There are websites offering free Christian curriculum like allinonehomeschool.com
We also recommend for History and Literature Mystery of History &  The Story of the World.
For Science: Westfield Studios DVDs
For Math :Teaching Textbooks
And check out  Beautiful Feet Books for learning all subjects through Literature. We also recommend full curriculums like Abeka or Sonlight, but these companies are pricey.
8.) Families can school multiple ages together. You do not have to replicate a public school classroom in your home. For instance, read A Story of the World  lesson to all of your students and then require  different things from them. Young students will draw a picture and dictate their summary sentence to you, an independent writer will write their own summary sentence, and older students would be required to write a paragraph or more and research more of the topic online. Families can also enjoy subjects like Bible, Science, PE, Art & Music together. Then set aside time for everyone to do a little Math and Reading at their ability level. The day's pace is relaxed and enjoyable.
9.) Parents like teaching their own kids. Teaching reading, writing, figuring, and researching have always been the parents' responsibility; the state just doesn't want you to think so. In the past, a town's little school house was a place to store the books because books were rare. Today, there is no subject a parent is unqualified to offer at home in this age of internet, libraries, co-op classes and tutoring.
10.)  Homeschoolers do not sit in front of a computer screen all day, their zoom ‘classes’ do not get hacked, no one dies in a school shooting, the teachers aren’t mean, students have perfect attendance, and a homeschool day cuts a regular school day in half. And PARENTS get to be the ones to socialize their children and influence their lives.